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About us

BubbleBid.com is owned and operated by 4K VenturePrises, LLC, a Lincoln Nebraska company.

4K VenturePrises, LLC
917 SW 84th St.   / PO Box 81872
Lincoln, NE 68532 / 68501



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BubbleBid's launch date is November 2010, just in time to establish our honest and reputable penny auction site for the holidays. Our goal is to provide daily entertainment and tremendous savings for our customers as we strive to become a leader in this market with honesty and integrity.

We have years of experience in web based direct-to-customer companies. BubbleBid is our proudest achievement and we insist on keeping our site Fair, Honest, and Fun. We believe in maintaining an auction platform that is equal to all, and we will not ever use bots or shills. We are founded on providing excellent customer service and quality products at deeply discounted prices.

Evon, Cory, and Bob