News - More Burst Auctions Listed - Faster Action!

Burst Auctions: New Items listed that will go fast

Our newest Burst Auctions are listed with lower ranges so the action will be speedier and they will close more rapidly! They award the eventual winner with a $25 Gift Card, and anyone can win Item #2 which is $8 Bubble Bucks (a 10 Bid Pack equivalent). 

Remember, our Burst auctions have a random setting on the number of bids they take to go 'live', so your very next bid may meet this reserve and send you into the countdown as the winner. The required number of bids is randomly set between 1 - 90 bids (never more) each time these smaller Burst auctions are listed. When one closes, another one starts, 24/7!  

Be sure to read our How It Works page for more info on the Burst Auctions if you haven't played them in a while.


*On 2/10/11 BubbleBid changed the name of this auction type to be called Burst Auctions from Blast Auctions. We plan to use the Blast name for a New and exciting upcoming auction type.